Kit List

Protection Zone

  • Water/Windproof Jacket (preferably with hood)
    • Team leaders should ensure that their team puts them on and zipped up-to prevent clothes getting wet
  • Water/Windproof Over Trousers
    • This completes outer shell protection
  • Strong Walking Boots with tread and ankle support (Walking shoes or trainers not permitted)
    • To provide ankle support over rough country. Boots should be spray proofed.
  • Gaiters
    • Useful for keeping water, mud and other rubbish out of boots.
  • Hat and Gloves
    • 50% of body heat is lost through the head

Insulation Zone

  • Insulated Jacket (sometimes combined with waterproof shell)
    • But most are not waterproof and a separate waterproof jacket must be taken
  • Thick, Warm Pullover or Similar (E.g. Fleece Top)
    • Carry in rucksack if too hot
  • Warm shirt or sweatshirt (preferably not cotton)
    • To provide a further layer of insulation
  • Trousers (Jeans are NOT permitted & may result in disqualification)
    • Trousers should be of a wool mixture or modern hi-tec fabrics (eg pile/fleece etc)

Comfort Zone

  • Walking socks (one or two pairs)
    • Loop pile is recommended (if wet- take them off, wring out all surplus water and put back on)
  • Thermal long sleeve polo neck (best to protect throat)
    • Polyester to wick away sweat, quick drying and breathable

Additional Items

  • Rucksack
    • No rucksack is waterproof (line it with plastic bin liner)
  • Food for the whole day & at least 1 litre of water/drink (Teams must be self-sufficient)
    • Warm drink if not carried as team gear.
  • Torch
    • Spare Batteries and bulb

Essential Team Items (Each team must have the following)

  • Map (Map number will be released 8 days before event. In map case)
  • Compass (Silva Type)
  • Sleeping Bag (In waterproof polybag)
  • First Aid Kit (Minimum of plasters, gauze, adhesive tape)
  • Fluorescent Jackets (2 per team, to be used when walking on roads etc)
  • Paper, Pencil, Whistle and Mobile Phone (min 2 per team, Mobiles for emergency use only)#
  • Means of making a hot drink (Unless flasks/stoves carried by individual team members)
  • Survival Bag, one per team member or a Group Shelter(s) large enough to shelter the whole team (Orange style survival bag or Bothy bag)

All leaders are asked to brief their competitors with the following list and preferably make parents aware. Expect bad weather in October, prepare for the worst, accept good weather as a bonus. It is the team leader’s responsibility to ensure that the weight of each team member’s rucksack is not too much for them to carry, remember it could be a long way.