Operation Twilight is Northumberland's biggest Scouting manhunt. Now in it's ninth year, the event takes place in a secret location 'somewhere in Northumberland' every October.

Twilight is basically a all day massive game of hide and seek! Scouts and Explorers are in groups between 4 and 6, in which everyone gathers at a central base point for registration and a kit check, before jumping on one of our 7 coaches being dropped off at a mystery location in the Northumberland countryside. They’ll then be briefed on where they are, and were they need to get to. The aim of the game is to get to the base point, within a twenty minute gap during the 'Twilight Hours' without getting caught by a Catching Team!

The Catching Teams (otherwise known as catchers) are made up of Leaders, who also act as marshals for the event. The team who make it back to the base with the least amount of catches are the winners, simple! As always, the location is a secret, and will be announced just before the event.

Outline of the day

08.30 – Registration opens

09.30 – Kit Checks

11.00 – Buses Depart

12.00 – Teams Released

13.00 – Catchers Released

20.30 - 1st rocket 20 min window open

20.50 - 2nd Rocket (time out)

21.30 – Presentation