Ministry of Education grade 11 and 12 philosophy curriculum documents (2013 revision)

The philosophy courses begin on page 327.

Ontario Ministry of Education philosophy curriculum documents (2000)

The philosophy courses begin on page 111. For comparison charts of the changes in the 2013 revision, see ADVOCACY page.

Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations pertaining to philosophy

See Overview of Frameworks on page 18 for references to the grade 12 philosophy curriculum.

Ontario College of Teachers Additional Qualification Course Guideline

Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations

New Zealand Association of Philosophy Teachers

Canadian university and college philosophy programs

American university and college philosophy programs

The following is a sample of the wealth of resources that are available. Wikipedia, Stanford and IEP are the major resources, the latter two the most academically rigorous. A suggestion: Start with Wikipedia. Each entry ends with External Links, a goldmine of references.

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