Olympic Village School

Every Village Needs a School

Thank you for all your support! Almost 700 signatures!

It takes a Village to build a school.

Meeting with Janet Fraser, VSB Chairperson

Simon Fraser Elementary Trustee Liaison

On May 22nd, three Olympic Village parents met with Janet Fraser to discuss the school situation and clarify some of the information we received during the petition process.

      • Confirmed that Hinge Park on Columbia Street between Walter Hardwick and Athletes Way is the proposed school site
      • A seismic assessment of a site closer to the Cambie Street bridge was completed with the Francophone School District but did not move forward
      • Temporary building solutions are not currently under consideration
      • School catchment changes are initiated by VSB staff and may be up for discussion effective 2020/21
      • Janet Fraser is liaising with the VSB Superintendent regarding the possibility of creating Olympic Village cohorts and transporting them to a school with available capacity as was done with Crosstown Elementary prior to opening
          • + allows community children to attend school together
          • + builds stronger parent network in support of our ultimate goal
          • - children will likely be located at a distant school

Thank you Janet for taking the time to meet with us!

Vancouver School Board

Facilities Planning Committee Meeting

May 15th 5pm - 1580 West Broadway

The presentation focused on:

      • The current school situation at Simon Fraser Elementary
            • 105 in-catchment Kindergarten applicants
            • 40 spaces available
            • 27 went to siblings with priority
            • 13 remaining placements for 78 students (17%)
      • Petition has more than 550 responses showing strong community support
      • What options are there now? Temporary Modular School?

Check out the video here. Olympic Village presents from 25:00 - 42:30.

Our kick-off rally in Hinge Park. On May 11th, we built the school of our dreams!

Information about our Community & School

Schools attended by Olympic Village students

From the feedback in our petition, the above schools are attended by students living in Olympic Village

Current capacity utilization at elem. schools

Simon Fraser Elementary is currently operating at 159% capacity utilization (up from 140% in 2016)