Old Fort Johnson

Old Fort Johnson is the 1749 limestone house built by William Johnson on the Mohawk River in colonial New York. It was fortified for protection during the French & Indian Wars from 1755-63. Johnson convened many Native American conferences on this site as the British Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Northern Department. 

King George II made Johnson a Baronet in 1755 after his heroic victory in the Battle of Lake George & later at Fort Niagara. Old Fort Johnson was one of four Johnson family homes in the Mohawk Valley. After William built Johnson Hall at Johnstown in 1763, his son John lived at Old Fort Johnson, renovating the house for his marriage in 1772. The family remained loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolution and had to leave the Mohawk Valley by 1776. Their properties were seized by American patriots and the contents sold at auction. 

Old Fort Johnson remained in private hands until 1906 when it was opened to the public as a historic house museum by the Montgomery County Historical Society. It has been maintained by this nonprofit organization ever since, funded largely by memberships, donations and private fund-raising efforts. Listed as a National Historic Landmark, the property receives no operating support from any federal or state government agencies. 

Open for tours May 15 - Oct 13, 2024 

Wednesday-Saturdays 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Sundays 1-5 pm 

Call in advance to make an appointment if coming from a distance. 

Parking is available in our parking lot at the corner of Routes 67 & 5. 

Event parking also available on front lawn. 

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