Support the Preservation of Old Fort Johnson

Roof Restoration Project

In 2024 we hope to complete the restoration of the wooden roof, gutters, dormers and all associated woodwork from the cornices to the very top of the Fort.  An Environmental Protection Fund grant of $286,389 from New York State will cover half of the project costs.  We are now fund-raising an equal amount to match this grant and complete the work. Please help us meet our goal to preserve this structure for another 275 years!

All seven dormers have significant weathering on the most exposed surfaces, with dry-rotted planking, trim and peeling paint.

The cedar shingle roof on the Fort was installed in 1979 to replace a Victorian slate roof.  The wooden shingles are now worn thin, cupping & battered by time and the elements.

Repeated failures of the built-in gutters have compromised the wooden eaves, rotting sections of the wood trim, fascia, frieze and soffit boards.