Step into a realm of profound healing, serenity, and self-discovery with Of the Light Healing. I am thrilled to guide you on a transformative journey through personalized 1:1 Reiki and sound healing sessions, private sound baths, and a variety of captivating group sound bath experiences held multiple times a month. 

Of the Light Healing is a manifestation of dreams for Beth & Trevor Slater. By day, Beth is a Media Coordinator (aka School Librarian) in Charlotte, NC and Trevor works for his mother's interpreting referral agency. Beth is also a meditation facilitator, Usui & Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher, and a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner. Trevor is working on completing his sound healing certification and is the best partner and support that Beth could ever hope for!  

Colors representing the chakras in a vertical line above open palms facing each other

1:1 Sessions

Immerse yourself in a blend of Reiki's gentle touch and the resonant frequencies of sound. These personalized sessions are meticulously crafted to restore balance, promote relaxation, and catalyze holistic healing. 

A private living room with a white carpet in front of the fire place, on which are singing bowls and other healing instruments, as well as a gong off to the side

Private Sound Baths

Delve into a sanctuary of tranquility with a private sound bath. The ethereal soundscape is tailored exclusively for your intentions, creating a space of deep relaxation and renewal. 

A woman sitting in front of a fireplace with goddess banners hanging behind her and in front of her, healing instruments on a white carpet

Group Sound Bath Experiences

Join our vibrant community for immersive group sound bath sessions held multiple times a month. Together, we'll journey into a world of sonic harmony, connecting with the energy of the cosmos and each other. 

Beth provided the perfect time, space, and environment to restore and relax! What a beautiful experience! I will certainly be back! 

Karin D.