Mission and Vision

The MISSION of the Oakland Teacher Residency is to cultivate and grow local, diverse educators to serve our students and communities where systemic racism has had the greatest impact, and to increase opportunities for all Oakland students. 

The VISION of the Oakland Teacher Residency is that all Oakland Unified students have access to rigorous  and relevant learning experiences delivered by OUSD Educators who:

 1) reflect the critical identities of their students, especially Black, Latinx, and multiracial teachers, 

2) are highly skilled practitioners and committed to anti-racist practices, and 

3) receive the highest quality preparation and support.

Grow Our Own

Oakland Unified School District is committed to building a full service community district focused on high academic achievement while serving the whole child, eliminating inequity, and providing each child with excellent teachers, every day.

We believe great teachers are made, not born, and we know the power of teachers in transforming students’ lives. There is a direct through line from highly qualified educators and effective teaching to success and achievement for all children. One teacher with the ability to fully serve their students, over their lifetime, will propel educational access and advancement, learning and achievement forward for thousands of young people in our community.

Why Choose the Oakland Teacher Residency?

The Oakland Teacher Residency offers a thoughtful and supportive immersive apprenticeship experience for aspiring educators. This ensures Oakland teacher residents are trained, prepared, and grounded on day one of teaching. National research shows that educators prepared through a teaching residency are both more effective and stay longer than their peers trained through other pathways. 

A teacher residency is a full year of immersive classroom experience with an experienced mentor teacher in the field while receiving financial support. In Oakland Resident Teachers are paid a base stipend of $25,235 - $29,148 for the year of student teaching, and may qualify for housing support. In exchange Residents are expected to make a commitment to teaching at least 4 years in OUSD schools upon receiving their preliminary credential.

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