Hillwalking from New York

Manhattan is famous as a very walkable city. What is less well known is that it is also a paradise for hillwalkers, because it has a rich network of highland trails as well as public transit. There are also hilly trails through several NYC parks, gardens, and along waterfront greenways. Multi-day walks can start directly from Manhattan, with each stage accessible by train or bus. Or one can fly to wilderness areas in the US or to long-distance paths in Europe. Inn-to-inn walking is a delightful way to see a country, especially if one speaks the language. This website contains information about my favorite walks and links that may be of interest to other long-distance walkers.

(Schengen) Europe inn to inn

  • North England Highlands, 2018-2019
  • Pembrokeshire Coast Path, 2017 | Cotswold Way, 2017 | Wales semi-loop, 2016 | Pennine Way, 2014 | England Coast to Coast, 2013

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