About the Network

The NYC STEM Education Network serves as a catalyst for new ideas, partnerships, and collaborative projects. 

These efforts, in turn, expand, enhance, and sustain STEM learning opportunities for all learners of all ages in New York City. We strive to ensure that all learners in New York will have the essential experience and skills needed to become career-ready, STEM-literate citizens.  

To this end, the NYC STEM Education Network promotes inclusivity, accessibility, and accountability while encouraging creativity and innovation. 


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STEM Director

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Yuki Bravo Ynfante

Program Manager, NYC STEM Education Network 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the NYC STEM Education Network?

The NYC STEM Education Network is a multi-sector coalition of organizations and institutions working to ensure that all NYC learners will have the experience and skills, including critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration and communication, needed to become career-ready, STEM-literate citizens. 

Who are the Network members?

The Network currently includes representatives from over 100 city agencies, schools, afterschool programs, youth-serving organizations, science museums, universities, public and private funders, and intermediaries with an interest in STEM. Learn more about Network members.

What are the Network goals?

What does the Network do?

Primarily, the Network serves as a catalyst for new ideas, partnerships, and collaborative projects.  Members use the Network to learn, find partners, and deepen their professional practice.  In addition, the Network undertakes some collective projects.  Since its launch in 2012 with funding from the Pinkerton Foundation (and joined in 2016 by support from the Overdeck Family Foundation), the Network has launched a number of projects, including:

The Network is also one of over 80 city and regional ecosystems selected to participate in the STEM Learning Ecosystem Initiative. 

Who leads the Network?

The governance structure of the Network includes an annually selected Janet Kelley Lead Fellow (Kelley Fellow), the backbone organization (ExpandED Schools), and the Steering Committee.  See the "Network Structure" page of the website for more details.