NSA Parent Club Volunteers: We ARE the difference!

Normally, parent volunteering is so essential to the North Star Academy. Whether it is in the classroom or at events, our parent volunteers help everything run smoothly and ensure a successful experience! Due to COVID and distance learning we'll need to take a pause on in-classroom volunteers but we're excited to welcome you back just as soon as we can!

North Star Academy is known for its strong volunteer participation! Volunteering is a wonderful way to help you get to know other parents AND also sets a wonderful example to our children about the importance of school and community. Our kids are very fortunate to have the level of volunteer support that they do, and we are fortunate to be part of a community committed to creating a safe and enriching educational environment for the students. Volunteers spend time in the classrooms, helping with Art in Action, organizing fun events such as the Lap-a-Thon, Family Fun Night, and the auction. We could not run any of these amazing programs without your help, so give yourselves a pat on the back for your amazing contributions. It takes a village to keep the wheels of the volunteer express in motion!

Why volunteer?

  1. Your kids LOVE it! A wonderful opportunity to create special school memories – it all goes by so quickly.

  2. You build a strong school and community.

  3. The teachers love all your help. Seriously.

  4. Budget cuts are the sad reality of public schools in California. Without your time, many of our valuable and enriching programs (Art, Math Tiles, Theater, Project Cornerstone and so many more!) would just not exist.

  5. You are a role model. By volunteering at their school, you are not just telling your kids, but showing your kids how much you value education and community.