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Fall Direct Donations Campaign

The annual Direct Donations campaign is our largest fundraiser. Through your generous donations parents can help the NSA Parent Club provide a top-quality education and enrichment experience for our students. While this year is undoubtably unique, we are reallocating our budget to provide an enriching experience at home with technology upgrades, doubling our counseling services through StarVista, and bringing enrichment and art classes to your distance learning experience. And when we return to school, we'll need fund to restart all the programing we've grown so accustomed to. Your donation is incredibly important so please consider giving what you can.

Did you know, our Parent Club typically funds many education programs, services and staff positions at NSA, including: our Physical Education Program with Legarza, Instructor-led Art Classes for all grades, the Annual Festival of Words/Science/Numbers, our School Counselor, Project Cornerstone, Educational Field Trips, important Technology updates, classroom supplies and materials for Enrichment, Art, and Science? These important programs and services are not funded by the School District and only exist for our students because of donations like yours. Without you donation we will need to give some of these programs up in the 21-22 school year.

This campaign ends December 4, 2020…so don’t delay!

Recommended Donation Amount

For 2020-2021, we ask that parents donate the fair share, $650 per student. The Parent Club spends more than this on each student in our school. This donation can be made as a lump sum or with monthly donations through the end of June 2021.

If $650 per student is beyond your budget, we encourage you to give whatever you can – any amount is greatly appreciated. All donations are strictly voluntary. Please give what you can and no donation is too small.

Want To Give More? Join the Navigator's Circle

Join the Navigator’s Circle by donating $1,000 per student or $2000 for 2+ students! Members receive special recognition on the Donor List.

Please note: Inclusion in the Navigator's Circle does not include company matching funds due to the fact that this company benefit is not available to all donors.

Monthly Donations

Monthly donations are welcome. Donate a smaller amount for ten months to reach your fair share or the Navigator’s Circle! You can set up a monthly donation online. We offer the following options:

$65 per month – one fair share (one student)

$100 per month – Navigator’s Circle (one student)

$130 per month – two fair share (one student)

$200 per month – Navigator’s Circle (two students)

Or any amount you are comfortable with.

To set up a monthly donation, donate here and select "Recurring donation."

Does Your Company Match?

If your employer has a gift-matching program, your donation can often be doubled! Please let us know if your employer has a program when you donate. Type your company name in the below box to see if you company matches.

How to Donate?

You can either donate online or bring a check to the School Office with a print out of the form below. If you would like to make your donation in 2021, please contact us to make a pledge.

Click here to print an English Version of the 2020 Donation Form

Click here to print a Spanish Version of the 2020 Donation Form


Please contact Colleen Lewcock or Ivy Burg, co-VPs of Fundraising by emailing You can also contact us about Company Match questions and we'll be happy to assist in any way.