Fall Direct Donations Campaign!

Support #GivingTuesday and North Star Academy. Donate today!

Time is running out - the campaign ends on Dec 6!

This fundraising campaign is the NSA Parent Club's largest fundraiser. Through your generous donations parents can help the NSA Parent Club provide a top-quality education and enrichment experience for our students. Each donor gets a new NSA magnet to show off their NSA pride.

Please consider donating to this important fundraiser. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Your student(s) will thank you!

We need your donation! We've reached 90% of our goal. Please consider donating to make the thermometer rise before the campaign ends in early December!

Parent Volunteering

Volunteering opportunity: share your experience in business with our kids. Parents, we have an exciting opportunity to enrich our kid's education by sharing your work and business experience! More details here.