Enterpreneur Enrichment

Share your experience in business with our kids

Are you a small business owner? Work for a company? Are you an attorney? Financier? Developer? Marketer? Sales person? Venture Capitalist? Project Manager? Scientist? Accountant?

Do you promote a product for your company? CEO? COO? CTO? VP?

Please come and share your experience in business with our kids in the Trimester 3 - Entrepreneur Enrichment!

If you are interested in speaking to our young Entrepreneurs during any of the above timeframe, please contact Shahla Yaghoubi-Ehtehsami or Allison Trinklien to schedule.

Our kids will be learning all aspects of what it means to create a product and take it through a product life cycle. They will be incorporating a company; defining their product; building a product prototype; raising money to support product development by pitching for venture capital funding; developing their product and taking it through the sales / marketing cycle and into the hands of end users. We are seeking all kinds of talents to empower these enthusiastic scholars to better understand each step of a product life cycle in the ‘real’ world. We will need patent attorneys, developers, engineers, marketers, small business owners, larger company employees, financiers, accountants, venture capitalists or any affiliation with a product cycle to bring perspective to these young entrepreneurs and what it means to own your own small business or have a product being brought to market. If you are or know someone in these positions who are willing to volunteer just one hour of their time to bring real life stories to our students, we would be thrilled and most grateful.

We hope our kids can have the benefit of hearing from your experiences.

By volunteering only 1 hour of your time YOU could empower and enrich a young person’s mind about the ‘real’ world of business.

Enrichment Schedule

Our Enrichment is from 3/18 to 5/15th on M,T,W&F from 2:10 - 2:55.