Nova Scotia Daylily Society

The Nova Scotia Daylily Society (NSDS) is a member club of the American Hemerocallis Society(AHS), and is in Region 4 of AHS.  We are also a member of the Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs (NSAGC).

It only costs $10 to join our club and guests are always welcome!

2024 Membership Dues

Reminder if you haven't paid your dues, they are required to be paid by Dec. 31st 2023

Membership dues can be paid via e-transfer to

If you have paid your dues, please disregard this reminder.

Meetings and Events

Next Meeting: 

No meeting scheduled for December, 2023

Instead, we will be having a Christmas Social event at a restaurant.  Please check you email for details.

January and February 2024 will be online meetings.

Next in-person meeting will be in March 2024.

The daylily is "the perfect perennial", due to the beautiful colours,  its ruggedness and ability to tolerate drought and frost.  It can adapt to wide range of soil conditions as well!  

A daylily is a flowering perennial plant in the genus Hemerocallis, whose name came from the Greek Word ἡμέρα (hēmera) "day" and καλός (kalos) "beautiful".   The flowers typically last no more than 24 hours!  Typically they open early in the morning and wither during the following night.  But some of the newer varieties have flowers that open in the evening and remain open until the evening of the following day