Meeting Minutes

Hello to all North Suburban Carvers and interested Parties. We have not had a regular newsletter in some time, and have decided that putting our meeting minutes on the website might be a way for us to connect with all of you.

May 7, 2018 Meeting

We had a very successful show at Cantigny Memorial Park last weekend. Thank-you to all the members who worked hard to make it a success, and especially Shelly who took on the responsibility for the show.


  • We gave away 8 canes to veterans of the US armed forces.
  • We collected $203 which was donated to the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans
  • We sold $585 in Christmas ornaments. This money will be donated to Shriner's Hospital for children.
  • Some of our members sold their own items, and some of us just showed our carvings, but we all had a good time!!

We have several members who have recently had surgical procedures, or have them coming up. Please keep them in your hearts, and drop a card or make a phone call to wish them well.

Stan Dulkowski

Rich Lindsten

Carol Shepard

Angie Ruiz (upcoming)

Plans for upcoming meetings:

  • Next meeting May 21--Educational practice with woodburning techniques. Bring your woodburners so that members without them can try out some techniques, and discover what they can do.

For pyrography tips and tutorial visit Sharon Bechtold website:

  • June- both meetings 6/4 and 6/18. Learn to paint a carving. Bring your carving ready to finish (sanded well), and any finish you have in mind. If you know what you want to use, and don't have any, let Judy or Leon know, and we will bring what we have. If you don't have a clue, we will bring some examples. Mike Trezek, Judy Kavathas, and hopefully, Angie Ruiz will be available to help out.

We still don't have a place for our annual show. We continue to work on this, and are hopeful we can still have a show in October. Anyone who has access to a place about 3000 square feet with kitchen facilities for a reasonable cost should contact Don Szypura or one of our officers ASAP. Thanks.

May 23, 2018

Tonight we all had a good time playing with woodburners. Thanks to everyone who brought theirs so other people could use them. Here is a link to helpful tips if you missed the meeting:

Go ahead and search the web for more information.

We are still trying to get a fall show off the ground. Our biggest obstacle is finding a place for the event. Please, Please contact John Henderson, or Don Szypura if you have any ideas. Time to get this done is severely growing short.

June meetings (6/4 & 6/18) will be devoted to assisting members who want to paint or finish a carving. We will bring examples of different finishes to help you decide. Bring your carvings sanded and smooth. Also bring your ideas and any supplies you might already have. We will provide acryllic paints and some finish sprays.