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(Formerly Al B's Lawn Care)

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FALL Services

Fall begins around the 16th of September with aeration and fertilization. It is the begining steps to prepare the yard for the winter.

See our Services tab for explanations and benefits of these items.

WEEKLY Lawn Care

  • Mowing - We use commercial grade 4-cycle Toro mulching lawn mowers that are unsurpassed for their quality of cut.
  • Edging - Your lawn will be edged the first cut in the spring and then will be edged with an 8" steel blade as needed.
  • String Trimming - We string trim around your borders, fences, trees and obstacles in your lawn.
  • Blowing - We blow sidewalks and other concrete areas clear of clippings upon completion.
  • Clippings - All grass clippings will be caught and removed from your property. If at any time you would like the yard mulched, please give us 48 hours notice.

This could be your backyard!

SPRING Services

Spring time begins the middle of March with spring clean-ups and small tree and shrub trimming. On April 1st we begin our spring aeration and fertilization. Please see the Services tab for explanations and benefits of aeration and fertilization.

The next step would be the weekly lawn care service, sprinkler turn-on and sprinkler repair which begins the 3rd week in April (based on the weather).

For sprinkler repair we will come out, assess the problem, give you an estimate and schedule a date to have the repair completed. All of our work is guaranteed for 1-year (parts and labor); and we use only commercial grade parts.

Estimates for all of our services are free!


Many of you have asked us if we provide this service. The answer is no - but please make sure to read this important information as to why not.

There are 3 main grass types throughout the metro Denver area: Rye Grass, Fescue and Blue Grass. All three are considered "cool season turf type" grasses. A power rake damages the crown of the grass blades by tearing at them, thus causing unnecessary stress to the grass.

Instead we recommend your first mowing of the spring should be to a 2" - 2.5" level. It will get rid of most of the dead grass from the fall and winter. If the grass is heavily matted down, use a leaf rake to gently rake prior to your first mowing.

Next be sure to aerate and fertilize your lawn, water it according to your cities guidelines, and mow it once a week. Now sit back and enjoy your beautiful lawn all summer!