Go Forth And Multiply

Stuffed Toys, Wood, Acrylic Paint, Caulking.

48 in. X 96 in. 2004


Ceramic, Acrylic paint, Mache', Wood.

13in. X 11in. X 2in. 2013


plaster, buttons, shells, plastic, chalk, wood,and acrylic paint.

34.5 in. x 58.5 in. 2012

Constant Companion

Chocolate Box, plastic

7.75 in. X 4.25 in. X 3 in.



mache', acrylic paint on wood and canvas

58 in. X 49 in. 2005-2010

Jesus and the Fishes

Bronze Figurine, Fish Tails, Mache', Acrylic Paint

20.5 in. X 30 in. 2010

We Want the Beatles

Plastic dolls, paper, Mache, metal figurine on wood, acrylic paint.

24 in. X 17 in. 2004

The Ascension of Humpty Dumpty

13 in. x 27 in. x 3 in. 2017

Squirrel Heaven

mummified squirrels, gold leaf, twigs, velvet in a display case.

26" X 30.5" 2013

Six Thousand Year Old Earth

Mache', plastic toys, fossil rock, wire, aluminum

28 in. X 28 in. 2017