Che' Castro Camillo

Marble, wood, coins, paper money, post card, book jacket, plastic toys, cloth flag, antique metal truck, acrylic paint 48 in. X 48 in. 2017

Coco Cabanna

Rum Bottles, Doll, Shells, Acrylic Paint on Wood 30.5in. X 55in. 2005


Torn record album, paper clippings, fun fur, acrylic paint 24 in. X 21 in. 2017

Cuban Tourism Mixed medium which lights up and also plays Cuban music. 7ft. X 3 ft. 2004

Music and Rythmn

Brass horns, rum bottle, mache' and acrylic on wood. 30 in. X 24 in. 2005

Cuban Jazz (Collaboration with James Kirkpatrick)

Cigarette package, ceramic figure, wood, lace,acrylic paint on canvas, fun fur 30.5"X 55" 2017

Che Who Isn't Gay Shells, plastic, doll, acrylic paint 14"X 16" 2009

Cuba Fantasy Acrylic paint on canvas, hand carved wooden figures, metal five poited star, plastic bird. 57 in. x 51 in. 2010