First Nation


Wood, birch bark, ceramic, urethane, acrylic paint,wood, metal, plastic. 20.5in. X 20 in. 2013

Made in Occupied Japan

Ceramic figurines which were made in occupied Japan with wood, mache', modeling paste and acrylic paint. 8 in. x 14 1/2 in. x 6 in. Fits into a corner. 2004

Human Nature

Coyote skin, metal hood ornament, oil paint, wood. 32.5in. X 23 in. 2005-2014


buttons, metal, cigarette butts, antlers, postcard, acrylic paint on wood 16 in. x 19 in. x 2.5 in. 2013

Dangerous Dave

Plastic, wood, paper acrylic paint, Mache' 22in. X 19 in. 2015

Crown Land

Cloth, wood, acrylic paint, plastic toys 20 in. X 20 in. 2016

I Love You Indian and I Love You White Man

postcards, wood and acrylic paint. 6 in. x 6 in. date unknown

Last of the Wild Bison

plastic, ceramic, wood, acrylic paint 8 in. x 10 in. 2012


Button, Birch bark, Moose antler, Plaster, Stone arrowheads, Plastic, Acrylic paint, Lizard feet, Wood. 12 in. X 20 in. X 5 in. 2015

Wild West

Toy guns, ceramic figurine, mache', acrylic paint on wood. 14 in. x 16 in. 2010

Homage to Carl Beam

Freshwater Clam Shell, Jawbone, Skull made of Bone, Ceramic Figurines, Acrylic Paint, Photo Copy 24 in. X 36 in. 2005-2011

Wise Council

Toys, Plaque, Salt Shakers, Acrylic Painting. 16.5 in. X 28 in. 2000

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

Metal, plastic, leather, wood, cloth, beads, mache', and acrylic paint 18 in. x 4 in. x 4 in. 2012

Taming The Noble Savage

Figurines, Wood, Acrylic Paint, Spray Foam, Nightlight, Ashtroturf. 14 in. X 12 in. x 25 in. 2009

Grandfather and Me

Ceramic, metal, leather, paper, beads, paper mache', wood and acrylic paint 3.5 in.x 12.5 in. x 3 in. 2013


Clock, print, antler carving set, antlers acrylic paint on wood with mache' 43 in. X 27 in. X 7 in. 2008

Culture Clash

Horns, wood, leather, ceramic, metal. 96 in. X 27 in. X 12 in. 2009

Fruit Basket

Antlers, Wood, Plastic Fruit, Deer Skull 53 in. X 35 in. 1994

Fur Trade

Wood, metal,fur, feathers,squirrel mummy, ceramic figurines, cork, mache', acrylic paint 47 in. X 12 in. X 88 in. 2013


Niish No Wango Dang photo, fishing lures, paper, modelling paste acrlylic paint on board under glass. 14 in. x 18 in. 2013

Spirit Lake Ceramic figurines, birch bark, acrylic on wood 27 in.X 27 in. 2005

Once Upon a Time Deer scull, ceramic figurines, plastic bird, paper mache', acrylic paint, wood box 12 in. x 28 in. x 6 in. 2015

The Quest for Meaning

Paper, ceramic, wood, mache', modeling paste, urethane, plastic, acrylic on board 45.5 in. X 33.5 in. 2013

Happy Shiney Deer Taxidermy deer head, rhinestones, glitter, modelling paste, acrylic paint 14 in. X 26 in. X 19 in. 2016

New Year's Deer Taxidermy deer head, rhinestones, plastic, yarn, acrylic paint on wood. 14 in. X 26 in. X 19 in. 2016


Chewed beaver sticks, wire, acrylic paint, glitter, deer antlers, mache', wooden ironing board, plastic toy, rhinestones 52 in. X 80 in. X 23 in. 2017

Save Our Waters

Birch bark, mache', metal pipe, leather, coconut head, sticks, wooden box 12 in. X 75 in. X 12 in. 2014


Ceramic figurines, turtle shell, pickled snake in bottle, plastic, wooden box, acrylic paint on wood 20 in. X 52 x 4 in. in. 2008


Wood,paper, plastic, ceramic,cigarette butts,spray foam, acrylic paint 18 in. X 48 in. X 8 in. 2012


Glass, antler, mache', gold leaf, acrylic paint on wood 30 in. X 22.5 in. X 5 in. 2010


Glass, antler, starfish, gold leaf, acrylic on wood 13.5 in. X 20.5 in. X 4 in. 2010

Toys and Horns

Deer antlers, plastic, acrylic on wood. 49 in. X 38 in. 2005

Shaman's House

Deer skull, horns, wood and acrylic paint 34" x 16 In. x 12 in. 2012

Run Little Deer!

Acrylic, plastic toy, plastic doll arms and legs on tourist kitsch deer, mache', twig, on plywood 24.5 in. X 26.5 in. X 9 in. 2016