First Nation


Wood, birch bark, ceramic, urethane, acrylic paint,wood, metal, plastic.

20.5in. X 20 in. 2013

Made in Occupied Japan

Ceramic figurines which were made in occupied Japan with wood, mache', modeling paste and acrylic paint.

8 in. x 14 1/2 in. x 6 in. Fits into a corner. 2004

Human Nature

Coyote skin, metal hood ornament, oil paint, wood.

32.5in. X 23 in. 2005-2014


buttons, metal, cigarette butts, antlers, postcard, acrylic paint on wood.

16 in. x 19 in. x 2.5 in. 2013

Dangerous Dave

Plastic, wood, paper acrylic paint, Mache'

22in. X 19 in. 2015

Crown Land

Cloth, wood, acrylic paint, plastic toys

20 in. X 20 in. 2016

Cold Beer Sweet Grass

Metal Bottle Openers, Clay, Dart Board

3in. X 3in. 2003

Last of the Wild Buffalo


Button, Birch bark, Moose antler, Plaster, Stone arrowheads, Plastic, Acrylic paint, Lizard feet, Wood.

12 in. X 20 in. X 5 in. 2015

Wild West

Toy guns, ceramic figurine, mache', acrylic paint on wood.

14 in. x 16 in. 2010

Homage to Carl Beam

Freshwater Clam Shell, Jawbone, Skull made of Bone, Ceramic Figurines, Acrylic Paint, Photo Copy

24 in. X 36 in. 2005-2011

Wise Council

Toys, Plaque, Salt Shakers, Acrylic Painting.

16.5 in. X 28 in. 2000

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

Metal, plastic, leather, wood, cloth, beads, mache', and acrylic paint.

18 in. x 4 in. x 4 in. 2012

Taming The Noble Savage

Figurines, Wood, Acrylic Paint, Spray Foam, Nightlight, Ashtroturf.

12 in. X 25 in. 2009

Grandfather and Me

Ceramic, metal, leather, paper, beads, paper mache' and acrylic paint.

3.5 in.x 12.5 in. x 3 in.



Clock, print, antler carving set, antlers acrylic paint on wood with mache'.

43 in. X 27 in. X 7 in. 2008

Wild West

Toy guns, ceramic figurine, mache', acrylic paint on wood.

14 in. x 16 in. 2010

Culture Clash

Horns, wood, leather, ceramic, metal. 96 in. X 27 in. X 12 in. 2009

Fruit Basket

Antlers, Wood, Plastic Fruit, Deer Skull.

53 in. X 35 in. 1994

Fur Trade

Wood, metal,fur, feathers,squirrel mummy, ceramic figurines, cork, mache', acrylic paint.

47 in. X 12 in. X 88 in. 2013


Niish No Wango Dang Mixed Media 14 in. x 18 in. 2013

Spirit Lake Ceramic figurines, birch bark, acrylic on wood 27 in.X 27 in. 2005

Once Upon a Time Mixed Media 12 in. x 28 in. x 6 in. 2015

The Quest for Meaning

Paper, acrylic paint, ceramic, wood, mache', Modeling paste, urethane, plastic.

45.5 in. X 33.5 in. 2013

Happy Shiney Deer Taxidermy deer head, rhinestones, glitter, modelling paste, acrylic paint.14 in. X 26 in. X 19 in. 2016

New Year's Deer Taxidermy deer head, rhinestones, plastic, yarn, acrylic paint on wood. 14 in. X 26 in. X 19 in. 2016


Chewed beaver sticks, wire, acrylic paint, glitter, deer antlers, mache', wooden ironing board, plastic toy, rhinestones.

52 in. X 80 in. X 23 in. 2017

Save Our Waters For Our Granddaughters

Birch bark, mache', metal pipe, leather, coconut head, sticks, wooden box.

12 in. X 75 in. X 12 in. 2014


Ceramic figurines, turtle shell, pickled snake in bottle, plastic, wooden box, acrylic paint on wood.

52 in. X 20 in. 2008


Wood,paper, plastic, ceramic,cigarette butts,spray foam, acrylic paint.

18 in. X 48 in. X 8 in. 2012


glass, antler, mache', gold leaf, acrylic paint on wood

30 in. X 22.5 in. X 5 in. 2010


glass, antler, starfish, gold leaf, acrylic on wood

13.5 in. X 20.5 in. X 4 in. 2010

Toys and Horns

Deer antlers, plastic, acrylic on wood.

49 in.X 38 in. 2005

Run Little Deer!

Acrylic, plastic toy, plastic doll arms and legs on tourist kitsch deer, mache', twig, on plywood. 24.5 in. X 26.5 in. X 9 in. 2016