Apartment Dog

Antique wooden tables, cloth, candle inside plastic/metal.

31 in. X 68 in. X 28 in. 2016


Caged Rabbit

Mixed media sculpture

18 in. X 34.5 in. X 7.5 in. 2015

Restaurant Cats

postcards, paint-by-number painting, plastic, wood, acrylic paint.

16 in. x 19 in. 2013

Garden Cat

Wood, found oil painting, bones

12 in. X 14 in. X 5 in. 2017


Toy, shells, ceramic, end of wooden barrel

15 in. X 15 in. 2007


Acrylic paint, plastic, photo, ceramic, paper on board.

15.5 in. x 19.5 in. 2012


Antique deer head, rhinestones, glitter, antique baby buggy, fake flowers plastic grass, yarn.

65 in. X 43 in. X 21 in. 2015-2016


Plastic, metal, LED lighting,speakers, water, motors, Arduino heat sensor, cloth.

96 in. X 60 in. X 36 in. 2014

Foolish Fish

Wooden Fish, Lure, Shells, Acrylic on Wood

30 in. X 54 in. 2005

Fisherman's Pride

Found photos, styrofoam, paper, wood, glass and acrylic paint

54 in. X 31 in. 2009

Nurse Nell

Plastic doll, wooden figurine, mache', acrylic paint. 16 in. X 12 in.2005

Loss of Innocence

Wood, plastic, crayons, child's blackboard.

17.75 in. X 12 in. 2014


Mache', wood, ceramic figurine, antique ivory dominos

19 in. X 23.5 in. 2006

Flamingo Coat Hanger

Metal Thermos, Ceramic Figurines, Bingo Chips, Wooden Coat Hanger, Mache', Acrylic Paint

41 in. X 29 in. 2010

Bite Me

Taxidermy alligator and piranhas, rhinestones, acrylic paint, fake flowers, wood, ceramic figurine, glitter

30 in. X 15 in. 2017

Grammar Gators

Wood, paper, Gator head, wasp nest, dehydrated frog (found on road) acrylic paint, glitter.

24 in. X 36 in. X 10 in. 2016

The Secret Life of Pigs

Pig snouts, knife, hemp cord, plastic pigs, wooden tray, acrylic paint on plastic.

21 in. X 25 in. 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ceramic figurines, stuffed toy, wood, acrylic paint on board.

15 in. X 12 in. 2010

Monkey and Parakeet

Wood, painted plaster, wire, plastic

10.5 in. X 24 in. X 5 in. 2012

Musically Inclined

plaster, wood, wire, acrylic paint, epoxy, ceramic.

19in. X 4in. X 4in. 2013

Fox Candelabra

Fox Head, Wood, Ceramic, Candles, Acrylic Paint.

52 in. X 73 in. 1994

Tea at Mike's

Acrylic paint, buttons, ceramic, stuffed toy, wood, on canvas.

20 in. X 22 in. 2017


Plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, paper, metal, mache', acrylic paint

26 in. X 18 in. 2013

Sport Hunter

Wood, cloth, ceramic, aluma-panel, yarn

96 in. X 118 in. X 36 in. 2016