Daybreak in the Swamp

Acrylic on canvas and Alumapanel, L.E.D. lights, bolts. 72 in. X 82 in. X 13 in. 2019

Caged Rabbit

Mixed media sculpture 18 in. X 34.5 in. X 7.5 in. 2015

Restaurant Cats

postcards, paint-by-number painting, plastic, wood, acrylic paint on board 16 in. x 19in. 2013

Garden Cat

Wood, found oil painting, bones 12 in. X 14 in. X 5 in. 2017


Antique deer head, rhinestones, glitter, antique baby buggy, fake flowers plastic grass, yarn. 65 in. X 43 in. X 21 in. 2015-2016


Plastic, metal, LED lighting,speakers, water, motors, Arduino heat sensor, cloth. 96 in. X 60 in. X 36 in. 2014

Foolish Fish

Wooden fish, lure, shells, acrylic on wood in a plastic frame 30 in. X 54 in. 2005

Fisherman's Pride

Found photos, styrofoam, paper, wood, glass and acrylic paint 54 in. X 31 in. 2009

Nurse Nell

Plastic doll, wooden figurine, mache', acrylic paint 16 in. X 12 in. 2005

Loss of Innocence

Wood, plastic, crayons, child's blackboard 17.75 in. X 12 in. 2014


Mache', wood, ceramic figurine, antique ivory dominos 19 in. X 23.5 in. 2006


Toy, shells, ceramic, end of wooden barrel 15 in. X 15 in. 2007


Scorpion inside plastic, photographs, acrylic paint, lath 25 in. x 15 in 2009

Grammar Gators

Wood, paper, Gator head, wasp nest, dehydrated frog (found on road) acrylic paint, glitter. 24 in. X 36 in. X 10 in. 2016

The Secret Life of Pigs

Pig snouts, knife, hemp cord, plastic pigs, wooden tray, acrylic paint on plastic 21 in. X 25 in. 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ceramic figurines, stuffed toy, wood, acrylic paint on board 15 in. X 12 in. 2010

Monkey and Parakeet

Wood, painted plaster, wire, plastic 10.5 in. X 24 in. X 5 in. 2012

Musically Inclined

plaster, wood, wire, acrylic paint, epoxy, ceramic 19 in. X 4 in. X 4 in. 2013

Fox Candelabra

Fox Head, Wood, Ceramic, Candles, Acrylic Paint. 52 in. X 73 in. x 16 in. 1994

Tea at Mike's

Acrylic paint, buttons, ceramic, stuffed toy, wood, on canvas 20 in. X 22 in. 2017


Plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, paper, metal, mache', acrylic paint 26 in. X 18 in. 2013

Sport Hunter

Wood, cloth, ceramic, aluma-panel, yarn 96 in. X 118 in. X 36 in. 2016

Dinner with Dali

Large lobster, doll, wooden spoon and fork, basket, caulking, acrylic paint on board 43”X 54” 2003

Poodles and Pigs plaster, cloth, plastic, paperwood, and wooden box 39” X 27” X 12” 2018

Bear with No Name Horns, glitter, plastic cloth, yarn, acrylic paint on wood frame and board 36 in. x 48 in. x10 in. 2016

Flamingo Coat Hanger

Metal Thermos, Ceramic Figurines, Bingo Chips, Wooden Coat Hanger, Mache', Acrylic Paint 41 in. X 29 in. 2010

Apartment Dog

Antique wooden tables, cloth, candle inside plastic/metal 31 in. X 68 in. X 28 in. 2016


Squirrel Heaven

Squirrel mummies, branches, gold leaf, velvet in a shadow box 25 in. x 22 in. x 4 in. 2011


Mache’, acrylic paint on Wood 48”X 60” 2010