Restoring Information

Foreskin restoring cannot restore your natural foreskin. Circumcision removes the ridged band, nerve endings, blood vessels, or the frenulum and cannot be restored. Foreskin restoring will extend the shaft skin to recover the glans which provides better protection for the penis, restores skin mobility and increases sexual pleasure. Restoring returns the penis to a near normal appearance. It is difficult to distinguish a restored foreskin from a natural foreskin by its appearance.

Foreskin restoration can be slow and time consuming. It takes motivation and commitment to succeed at restoration. Phoenix NORM can provide a support network to help you through to the end of your restoration.

Why Do Men Restore?

The reason men restore varies and can be different for each man. The main reasons are:

  • Try and regain some of the sensitivity that had been lost to keratinization of the glans over the years.
  • Prefer the natural healthy appearance of an intact penis.
  • Be a more sensitive and gentle lover to your partner.
  • Take back what was taken - When you restore you bring back what was taken without your consent. It empowers you that a part of you can be brought back.

Why Should I Restore?

The reasons for restoring can be different for each man, but most men gain in sexual pleasure:

  • Increase in penile sensitivity.
  • Better sexual pleasure.
  • Your spouse or partner benefits from more comfort and pleasure.
  • Your orgasms are easier to achieve and control.
  • Your orgasms are greater in range and intensity.

Anatomy of the penis

Here are some sites that has information on the penis. They show what the foreskin does and how the penis should function. - All about the penis

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