About NORM-Phoenix

The NORM-Phoenix is part of The National Organization of Restoring Men (NORM). NORM is a non-profit support group for men who are concerned about being circumcised, are considering foreskin restoration, or are in the process of restoring their foreskin.

We provide a safe and open environment for men who would like to get more information or begin foreskin restoration.

Meetings are scheduled on the second Saturday of odd numbered months.

For more information about NORM-Phoenix, Please contact Rood.

Rood Andersson, NORM-Phoenix

P.O. Box 5173

Goodyear, AZ 85338

(623) 386-4828


How can N.O.R.M. - Phoenix help me?

We can help you make an informed decision about foreskin restoring and help cheer you on and help you achieve your goal.

How can I contact the N.O.R.M. - Phoenix?

You can send an email to Rood at korydon1@gmail.com, or call him at (623) 386-4828.