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It is impossible to talk about foreskin restoration without also talking about circumcision. I can’t think of any better argument against circumcision than to listen to the many men who are currently restoring their foreskin, or have successfully restored their foreskin. Many of these men feel betrayed by their parents and doctors who removed their healthy foreskin for no reason. Questions that are often asked by restoring men are:

Why did my parents allow my foreskin to be amputated?

Why did doctors remove a healthy part of my body?

Aren’t my parents and doctors supposed to protect me from harm?

If you’re thinking about circumcising your son, just ask yourself if you want him to grow up to ask the above questions.

Here are some video that you might want to look at if you're thinking about circumcising your son.


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Medical Policy Statements Against Circumcision

Penile Cancer

Penile cancer has been used to justify circumcision. In the United States the rate of penile cancer is 0.1%. This is a very rare cancer and doesn't justify cutting off the foreskin.

American Cancer Society

Can Penile Cancer Be Prevented?

British Medical Journal

Neonatal circumcision does not protect against penile cancer

HIV Risks

Family Health International

Does Circumcision Reduce HIV Risks?

Circumcision Statistics

National Center for Health Statistics

Trends in Circumcision among newborns


Canadian Medical Association Journal

Acute venous stasis and swelling of the lower abdomen and extremities in an infant after circumcision

National Center for Biotechnology Information

Necrotizing fasciitis after neonatal circumcision