NORM Phoenix

NORM-Phoenix provides support and information to men interested in foreskin restoring.

NORM is the National Organization of Restoring Men, a non-profit (501-c-3) support group for men who have concerns about being circumcised, are considering foreskin restoration, or are in the process of restoring their foreskins.

The Phoenix branch of NORM is run entirely by men who believe in helping other men restore - no dues are collected and there is never a cost for the information and services we provide. Our goal is to provide information, instruction and support to any man who is circumcised and wishes to make his penis more fully functional through non-surgical foreskin restoration.

NORM is dedicated to providing an arena in which circumcised men can share their concerns without fear of being ridiculed for a desire to be intact and whole again. A safe place is provided to discuss goals and learn about methods and techniques of restoration and to discover those methods that will work best for each individual.

Now in its 23rd year of operation, NORM continues to freely provide information and support to restoring men everywhere.

At our meeting we exchange information on the how-to's of foreskin restoration. These meeting are completely non-sexual, and our goal is to answer questions from members and to help achieve their restoration goal. We also discuss the latest restoration techniques and related items to foreskin restoration and circumcision.

Meetings are scheduled on the second Saturday of odd numbered months.

For more information please contact:

Rood Andersson: (623) 386-4828 or