The Niwa lab, the Physiological Project in TARA Center, University of Tsukuba, is investigating interorgan communications for reproduction (germline stem cells), energy homeostasis (sugar metabolism, lipid metabolism), developmental timing, and parasitism. The main model organisms are the fruit fly Drosophila and its parasitoid wasps.

筑波大学 生存ダイナミクス研究センター 生理遺伝学研究プロジェクト(丹羽プロジェクト)は、生殖(特に生殖幹細胞)、エネルギーホメオスタシス(特に糖代謝と脂質代謝)、幼体から大人への発育タイミング、そして寄生を調節する臓器連関を、ショウジョウバエなどの昆虫を主材料として追究しています。

PI: Ryusuke Niwa/丹羽隆介: ("-at-" -> @)

Twitter: @TsukubaNiwaLab

Recent News

2021-04 岡本直樹助教、令和3年度科学技術分野の文部科学大臣表彰若手科学者受賞 プレスリリース

2020-10 Yoshinari-kun's paper was published in eLife! Press release/プレスリリース

2020-06 Matsuda-sensei (Kindai University)'s paper was published in PNAS! Press release/プレスリリース

2020-06 Kamiyama-kun's paper was published in Frontiers in Genetics!

2020-05 Imura-kun's paper was published in Current Biology! Press release/プレスリリース

2020-05 Inaba-san's paper was published in JBC!

2020-04 Hasumi-kun, Watanabe-kun, and Qian-san joined the lab.

2020-02 A special issue of Current Opinion in Insect Science, edited by RN as a guest editor, was published! See here.


2021-07: RN will give an invited talk at International Congress of Entomology 2020, Finland, which is postponed to 2021.

2021-12: RN will give an invited talk at Pacifichem 2021, Hawaii, USA.

2021-xx: RN will organize the 15th Japanese Drosophila Research Conference(日本ショウジョウバエ研究集会)at Tsukuba. The details will be announced in the fall 2020.