Tactile UX

Google Health Studies Platform

UX Lead

Fall 2021 - present

Accelerating health research at scale.

Nest Safety & Security Solutions

Solutions Lead

Fall 2019 - Fall 2021

Oversee the Safety, Security, & Locks business roadmap with our cross functional solutions leads.

Device UX Lead + Apps & Architecture UXD

2014 - 2015

Nest Protect 2nd Gen's device UX, whole home notifications, App 5.0, & Alarm Card refresh's UX architecture .

Launched at 4.5 stars on Amazon after release. Rose to 4.7 stars.

Partner in crime: Chikezie Ejiasi (Nest Protect Apps UI/UX Lead).

Nest Thermostat & Energy Services

Energy Solutions UX manager

Fall 2017 - 2019

Creating a thoughtful home that is comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient.

Oversaw a team of up to 4 UX designers.

International expansion


Bringing energy savings to more homes around the world.

Nest Secure

Out of the Box Experience UX Lead

Fall 2015 - Winter 2016

For the complete security bundle & the individual devices, design and iterated with 100 users to maximize successful installation on the various doors, windows, and wall types found in homes all around!

Flinto, Origami, Keynote, and Principle were used in various stages of the design to help bring the design to life.

Nest x Yale Lock

Device UXD

Spring 2015

Quite a number of the team mates handled this product. It was passed on ~4 times between designers as folks became [un]available. I was 3rd baton.

I championed using real team collaboration tools and migrated our ux documentation into Google docs.

Samsung Mobile TV


A TV UX that shows contextual info or art when not in use and someone is home. The TV shows supporting info viz when conversing with its family. The TV also, of course, shows traditional media content.

While I delivered the concept assets, story flow, etc to our vendor, our vendor delivered this final motion study. Made by the same guys who did the UX for Iron Man!

In addition to the artful & informative ambient mode, I also designed the TV UX. Left sample is the channel manager UX.

Samsung Quick Connect


Device to device UX that allows users to throw content across various types of devices.

Via mobile & smart watch.

Keynote animation and illustration assets by Nina. Watch UX by partner in crime, Dhana Dhanasarnsombat.

If I remember correctly, we made this presentation in 1 day!

Samsung Mobile


Various OS navigation & design explorations that trickled into the production units. During the early mobile OS battles in the early 2010s between Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, and iOS.

Left, a simplified lock screen that got added to production build for accessibility mode.

Right, an OS structure that made it into Fairphone, phone developed by Kwame Corp (Now Impossible Labs).



Our exploration at Samsung inspired the mobile OS structure of Fairphone, a phone designed with fair manufacturing practices made in mind.

Partner in crime, Kwame Corp (Now Impossible Labs).

Research predecessor to the Samsung Galaxy Edge


A dual screen mobile phone with curved edge glass.

Left, my+Prashant's UI rendering to HQ.

Partner in crime, Prashant Desai.

Cardinal Blades mobile OS structure exploration


One of my favorite OS structure that was developed at my time there.

A 3 mode mobile OS structure -- Apps, Media, Communications.

Depth of Field Mobile OS Structure Exploration


A 2 mode mobile OS structure -- a notifications & apps layer.

Partner in crime, Joao Ferreira.

Earlier sketch of the progressive app reveal concept upon unlocking mobile device.

Currents, a Minimal Mobile OS


00:32 shows the main OS concept for this one exploration.

2 main modes: Apps & a Communication center.

And a 3rd landscape signature clock/bedside experience.

Samsung Health


GE Healthcare PACS System

Graduate project


Partners in crime: David Knight, Fahd Arshad, Jason Cornwell, Madhu Parabaker, Nina Shih, Shaelyn Clements.

Full report >

Side Projects



1 week hackathon project on the original Microsoft coffee table Surface.

Partners in crime: Brian Hargus, Chad Waldman, George Perantantos, Nelle Steele, Nina Shih.