Research Methods

With a Masters in Human Computer Interaction, Nina has been trained in various user research methods including Contextual Inquiry / Contextual Design, Heuristic Evaluation, Personas, Cultural Probes, Mood Boards, Body storming, ...

Think Aloud / Cognitive Walkthrough Hybrid

My favorite and personally most used research method. In this method, we ask users to talk aloud as they go through an experience we've established via some form of interactive prototype. This can be done on a high fidelity production app to a low fidelity click through prototype using prototyping software such as Flinto, Principle, Origami, or even Keynote.

At Nest, I've taken users through our product using close to final packaging, latest software ported into our hardware devices, and prototype mobile apps. We've invited participants into our demo home, to visiting dozens of participants in the US and in Europe.

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of OZ is a design research method used to quickly prototype ideas with non functioning prototypes. There's a "wizard" in the back that's pulling "levers" to make it appear to participants that the product is fully functional.

Reverse Alarm Clock


Help parents be better parents. Empowering young children with greater independence.

Partners in crime: Professor John Zimmerman, Kursat Ozenc, Jeong Bong Keum, James Brommer, Nina Shih, Karen Au

Carnegie Mellon University Research.

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