4x4 Camper Van v.2021


Wet bath entry could keep the B cleaner! Allows room for drying wet suits and lots of under floor utility, battery, water tank, etc storage.

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Dream Class B 4x4 RV


After 2 more years since the last ideal plan, we have some updates based on Sportsmobile's 4x4 pop up RV designs.

(Should update and move cook top towards the door end of the counter!)

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Ideal Class C 19' RV


Based on our current 21' Winnebago Travato, this is how we would design the floor plan if we custom made a 19' Class B Sprinter Chasis RV.

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Home Design


Who doesn't like to imagine what their ideal home would be structured?

This design is based on the constraints of the current plot of land we are on. After 4 years living in the house we designed, this would be our updated version if we could do a do-over.

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Samsung Office Redesign


Re-designed in CAD our team's office space. Due to the re-org, we ended up just updating the Mobile UX section.

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Inspiration mood board.

Trained in architecture, Nina loves to dabble in CAD & 3D modeling (Maya) on the side.