Bucket List

At a Non Regrettable Level

Volunteer tourist surveying endangered conchs, commercial lobsters, and controlling invasive species with Reef CI

Community Emergency (CERT), Earthquake Response, and Emergency First Responder trained.

Rescue scuba diver certified -- scuba seems like a more ecologically friendly way to interact with sea life than snorkel boats that chase after the animals.

Fruit & vegetable garden

Viewed a clear milky way, total solar eclipse 2017, Perseids meteor shower of 2016, total lunar eclipse Jan 2018, ...

RV across northern California (over 40 trips)

Tried & decided, Burning Man is not my preferred vacation destination.

Aerial Silks: stuck at inversion; don't have core muscles...

Snorkel with dozens of wild dolphins & sharks in Hawaii (Life changing. What a lucky day.)

Threw up on the Zero G flight aka vomit comet

Bike more regularly to work

Canter and post bare-back on an easy ;-) horse.

Squeezed into and flew in the back seat of a glider

Enjoyed breathtaking views from hot air balloons

Volunteer at a farm

Play the piano terribly

Figure Skating: passed free style 3 -- includes salchow, waltz, toe loop ... jumps

Casual racquet ball & badminton (much better and social than tennis!)

Create art

French. Oui Oui.

Cross Country running

Sign the ABCs!

Swimming: stopped at butterfly, who needs that? Dolphin all the way.

Still Working On or To Do

American Sign Language

Make an impact in education, healthcare, renewable energy, and/or waste management.

Increase conversational fluency in Japanese & Taiwanese

Increase reading fluency in Mandarin to college level

Work with sheep dogs

More proficient at fixing bikes

Watercolor more

Make more things

Increase vocal range and strength

Learn Wu Shu

Autonomous RVs

RV across Europe & Japan

Experience the Grand Canyon

Snorkel/Dive in the Galapagos

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Learned how to project the sun through a telescope.

Bottom: Projection of sun with clouds over it. The dots are sun spots!

How to project the sun through a telescope:

  1. Remove the eye piece.
  2. Align the telescope so its shadow is shortest and straightest.
  3. Tilt the telescope up/down by adjusting the telescope directly until it's pointed at the sun -- gross movement. You can tell when the telescope is pointed at the sun when you cup your hands at the end where the eye piece is. If the telescope is pointed at the sun, you will see the sunlight pass through and hit your cupped hand. This is the hardest part imho.
  4. Place angled eye piece. You should now see part of the sun on the paper. Expect to repeat step 3 & 4 until you've got the sun. Patience, Nina, patience.
  5. Focus and center sun into view.
  6. You’ll have to continuously finely move the direction the telescope is pointing at as the earth rotates.
  7. Observe w ur naked eye and invite your neighbors to share this awesome paper TV experience :)