Applied Econometrics (M1)

The aim of this class is three-fold: to give students a first experience in applied econometrics based on applications of the tools covered in the Introduction to econometrics class; to introduce students to the practice of softwares used in data analysis in academic and professional research; last, to give examples of real world public policies issues on which economics and psychology provide relevant answers.


The software used in class is Stata ( which has been introduced in the Introduction to econometrics class. For an introduction to the software, refer to:

Students are more than welcome to implement the programs shown in class using R, based e.g. on this tutorial:


Chap. 1. OLS estimation in the linear classical model: a refresher and an application.

Chap. 2. Randomization as a source of identification – measuring labor market discrimination.

Chap. 3. Statistical tests and inference.