National History Day in San Diego

2022 Theme: Debate and Diplomacy in History

NHD is a year-long national academic competition, similar to a science fair. Students in grades 4-12 choose a topic, conduct research, interpret a connection to the annual theme, and present their work in one of seven media options. Read more here.

November Highlights:

Quick links for students and teachers to frequently used pages

What can be found here: resources, training, sample projects, starting a history day club

What can be found here: Competition deadlines, contest registration links and Help session sign-up

What can be found here: Contest rules, submission instructions, list of winners

Information about judging and volunteering

Learn about the benefits of NHD and how you can sponsor or support NHDSD!

NHD-SD Intro Video.mp4

Intro to NHD-SD

Watch this student-created video to learn about the benefits of NHD-SD!