Northeast US Ecosystems Data Jam

Making data sing so everyone can dance and tell the stories. 

We believe that the skills of understanding, interpreting, and presenting data are essential in a world where our ability to collect data outpaces our ability to make it understandable for a public audience. That's why we're offering the Northeast US Ecosystems Data Jam Competition. We’re looking for new, creative ways to share the science of the region.

Quotes from teachers, g. 7-12

Data Jammers immerse themselves in authentic, locally relevant data sets that have been collected in and around the region by professional scientists. It's like a science fair project, only we provide the data. And to communicate their interpretations, they create a graphic, song, video, sculpture, computer game, puppet show, children's book, or whatever! Their imagination is the limit!

Check out "Contest Essentials" and the Teacher Resources page to learn how to participate in this year's Northeast US Ecosystems Data Jam competition brought to you by the Northeast US Shelf (NES) Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Schoolyard.

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Choose to do the Full Jam or the Mini Jam-- see Contest Essentials page for details.  Indicate preference when pre-registering, commit when you submit.

If you are ready to Jam-- use the button to pre-register and share you plans! Note: Expressed interest in the NES-LTER Schoolyard is not the same as pre-registering for the NES-LTER Data Jam.

This video was prepared for the Hudson Valley Data Jam competition and will explain how to approach the competition creatively.

Time to Jam Dates 2023-24

Oct 15-- Early-bird Schoolyard registration (to receive all webinar notifications and school visit)

 JAN 15-- All PRE-registrations due

Mar 15-- Final Project Submission deadline (may submit anytime before)

Apr 15-- Planned Notification of Winners

Data Jam 2021-22 Word Cloud: from Project Titles and creative project descriptions