Special Notice

Due to the current situation involving the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Neidig Memorial United Methodist Church and the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church are committed to doing all that we can to prevent the spread of the virus.

Therefore, in consultation with different groups in the church, we have decided to cancel the Bunny Breakfast usually held the Saturday before Easter Sunday. We also are cancelling our usual dinner served before the Maundy Thursday Service, as well as the breakfast that is usually served between the Sunrise service and the regular Sunday service on Easter Sunday.

The United Methodist Women have also made the decision to postpone the annual Flea Market until late summer or early fall of this year. We ask that if you were planning on making donations to the Flea Market, you hold on to those donations until closer to the event. If that is not possible, please let us know and we will make arrangements to receive the donation.

Neidig Memorial, its pastor and its staff thank you for your help and prayers as we seek to fulfill our call to be faithful to Christ in these trying times. If you have any concerns, questions, or would just like to talk to someone, please feel free to contact Pastor Steve on his cell phone (717) 841-2051.

--- Pastor Steven Cowfer

Links to all the past video sermons/services can be found on the new Video Services page.

Nuestros servicios de video también están disponibles en español.

On Site Services cancelled for April - Televideo Services Offered

Read the following for details.

For those interested, this is my notice to my congregation regarding worship this coming Sunday. I would like to invite not only those who attend our services normally, but anyone else who would like to listen in this Sunday morning. I look forward to the opportunity to share in some simple worship with as many as possible.

Video Services will be held on Good Friday (April 10th) at 7pm

on the Neidig Memorial UMC Public Page.

Video Services will be held on Easter Sunday (April 12th) at 10:30am,

also on the Neidig Memorial UMC Public Page.

I pray that all are doing everything they can to stay both safe and healthy. This has been a difficult week for all of us. Our routines have been changed. We have inhabited a world that is filled with more fear and confusion than normal. At the same time, especially during this season of Lent, we are comforted with the knowledge that our God is with us.

There seems to be some difficulty in trying to strike a balance this week between wanting to trust in God completely for our health and safety while trying to live as normal a life as possible amid a global pandemic. Some wish to lean more toward trusting God to keep them safe while others want to take as many precautions as possible.

While both of these sentiments are valid, the truth is that we don't need to choose one or the other. Taking every precaution to keep ourselves safe and healthy is not an example of a lack of faith in God; at the same time, a strong faith in God is not the only thing we need to do in order to stay safe and healthy.

We are a community, and while we may want to trust God to keep us safe and healthy, we also need to remember that while we might not get sick, just being out and about unnecessarily puts others at risk. It isn't only about us.

That being said, it is crucially important that churches do all that we can to help arrest the development of this pandemic. Therefore, I have decided to cancel our Sunday worship service this week (March 22) and most likely next Sunday (March 29) as well.

I hate to cancel worship, as it is a vital part of our faith journeys, but it is more important at this moment to do all we can to "do no harm" as John Wesley reminds us. I will be hosting an on-line worship service that will be live-streamed through our Neidig Umc Facebook site. The service will start at 10:30, as our normal service does. It will likely be shorter than a normal service, but it is important that we worship in some way.

I know not everyone has access to the internet at home, so this is not a perfect solution. However, I pray that you will try to join me on-line on Sunday morning. I continue to pray that you are all safe and healthy.

God is with us, God's voice calls us, and God's spirit gives and will continue to give us peace.

In His Name,

Pastor Steve

Note: Our services might have gone virtual but our need for funds is still cold hard cash, both for church expenses and our mission projects. While we realize you might not be able to give as much or any during these times, if you can, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Please click here for information on donation options.

Get Good Factual Information on COVID-19: https://www.pa.gov/guides/responding-to-covid-19/

March 13, 2020

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

-Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)

Dear sisters and brothers of Neidig Memorial and Mt. Zion United Methodist Churches,

Grace and peace to you all.

I am sure you are aware of the growing concern around the situation we find ourselves in with the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. It is fast becoming apparent that the situation is growing in seriousness with each passing day. It is likely that the situation will continue to get worse before it gets better. At this point, we have no way of knowing exactly what to expect.

It is important that, first and foremost, we offer continuedprayers for those intimately affected with and by the virus not only around our state, but around the country and the whole world.

Today, the President declared a national emergency. State and local governments will also take actions that can and will affect us in many ways and will likely be disruptive to our routines. It is likely that these changes will take place frequently, so we will need to be as informed as possible.

After speaking with a number of parishioners, I know there is a feeling that everyone is overreacting. While there may be some truth to this, we also want to be sure that we are not under-reacting. Bishop Park sent out a letter to give us some insight into what we can do to ensure that we are reacting to the situation in a way that continues to provide the services we can while ensuring that we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus.

While churches are given substantial discretion, I feel it is important that our worship services are not interrupted. For Christians, worship is an essential part of the practice of our faith.

Therefore, our normal worship services will continue as they always have. However, there will be a few changes. We are asking congregants to keep a safe distance from each other during worship, when possible. While we will still greet each other, we won’t be shaking hands.

In addition, if you are not feeling well, please consider staying home rather than coming to church. I know this may be a difficult decision to make, but in this instance it is safer for everyone. If you do stay home, we are going to make the entire worship service at Neidig available electronically. We are still figuring out the details of how best to do this, so please keep your eyes on our website and our facebook page for updates about how to view the worship service from the comfort of your own home.

Worship aside, we are postponing most of the other events currently planned at the church through the end of the month. This includes the “Have a Little Faith” study scheduled for Monday, March 16. It also includes the monthly kids movie that is scheduled for March 21. Choir practice will be cancelled on March 18th, and possibly will be cancelled on the 25th as well.

I know this may seem extreme, however, I feel these steps are necessary to help ensure the health of our congregants and others who live and work in our community.

We are blessed with the knowledge that we serve a Great and Powerful God. We are blessed to have a faith that knows God is with us. At the same time, we need to realize that our God has given us powerful tools to use to make our lives better and more fruitful in the building of God’s Kingdom. One of the most important tools God has given us is that of modern science. We should put our faith in God while simultaneously listening to the scientific experts and doctors in order to best protect ourselves and others.

Please know you are all in my prayers. I urge you to continue to pray as well. Our God is listening, and our God is with us.

In His Peace,

Pastor Steve

An archive of Pastor Steve's past "From the Pastor" writings can be found here.

Neidig Memorial UMC has two sister churches with who we share space and activites. Pastor Steve also serves as pastor at Mt. Zion UMC and New Thing UMC (Pastor Joann Darrow) shares our space. For news of these organizations, click on their names here:

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All church service and activity cancellations will be annount on channels 27 (WHTM) and 21 (WHP) through the scrolling cancellation list on the bottom of those channels news screens. If you have a function at Neidig and you need to have a cancellation announced, contact Sharon Staub (717.216.1040) or Pastor Steve.

If you are uncertain if a church activity is still ongoing due to the COVID-19 outbreak, please contact the event coordinator to confirm. I'll try to keep the site updated with cancellations.


Friday, April 17th from 2pm to 7pm

Saturday, April 18th from 8:00am to ??

Please hold all your donations at home. If this is impossible due to personal issues, please contact the church via phone (717.939.6921) or email: neidigumc@gmail.com

It's that time again to ask you for your "Unwanted Treasures". You have been very supportive with your donations in the past and hope you will do the same again this year. There are a few guidelines we are asking you to follow:

  • Absolutely NO clothing or shoes
  • Only paperback books and novels - no reference, how to, enclyclopedias, or Reader's Digest
  • All electrical appliances must work and have their parts.
  • Toys should be especially clean and ready for children to play with
  • No worn out, broken, or unusable items

It will make our job so much easier and go much faster if these guidelines are followed. We are asking, if at all possible,to put your donations in boxes when you place them on the stage (on the apron only). If you have large items, such as furniture and can't keep it until the flea market, please contact the church at 717.939.6921 and we will make arrangements to pick it up. All donations must be in by April 13th . TBA


The 2020 Flower and Bulletin signup calendars are on the bulletin board across from the chapel main doors. Please sign up for flowers or bulletins in honor or memory of a loved one. The flowers are $25.00 and the bulletins are $5.00

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a perfect choice for remembering that special someone. Gift cards are available for purchase after the worship service or order forms are available at the rear of the church. Please see Tana if you have any questions.

United Methodist Women

The UMW will meet next on Tuesday, April 7th.

Fellowship Hall, 6:30 pm.

All are invited to join the United Methodist Women meetings. Refreshments will be served after the program.

Help the Homeless

BASKET REFILLED!! Come and get it.

by picking up a "homeless bag" from classroom 4. Show others you care by passing them out to those you see asking for help on the street. Please let Peggy Gundy know if the basket is empty or low on supplies.

United Methodist Men - Postponed

Tuesday, April 7th - 6:30pm - Classroom 4 -

All men are welcome to come and join in fellowship at our monthly meeting and activities. The meetings are currently held on the 1st Tuesday of the month. All men of Neidig and the Community are welcome. Please note, that the time of 1st Tuesday is not written in stone. If you would like to attend UMM but that time does not fit your schedule, please contact Mike Emerick at Neidig (717.939.6921) and he will call you back to discuss what works. We are willing to change meeting time.


POSTPONED: Originally scheduled for Monday, March 17 at 10:00 a.m. in Classroom 4 where Pastor Steve is leading a Bible Study based on the non-fiction novel "Have a Little Faith". New date TBA.

POSTPONED: Wednesday Morning at 10;00 a.m. in Classroom 4 where Bible Study continues, followed by a light lunch and blanket making. We normally finish about 2:30 p.m.

MOVIE NIGHT: at 6:30pm POSTPONED til further notice.

Fun and Fellowship begins at 6:30 pm in Fellowship Hall


FREE. Everyone welcome. Light refreshments will be served.

Neidig's "Meals on Wheels"

The "Meals on Wheels" team from Neidig Church is in need of more helpers. Drivers as well as runners are needed. It will only take up about 1 1/2 hrs. of your time for 1 day every 6 weeks. There is great satisfaction in helping your neighbors and serving God. Please see or call Peggy (number in directory) if you can help in any way or have any questions.


Missions is looking for some fresh blood. We are looking for people with time and energy to organize our monthly missions. If you are interested in participating contact Sharon at 717.216.1040 .

March & April Mission

We will be accepting cash donations again. This time it will go to support HEIFER.ORG Your cash donations go towards work in 21 countries around the world alongside local farmers and business owners. They support farmers and their communities as they mobilize and envision their futures, provide training so they can improve the quantity and quality of the goods they produce, and connections to market to increase sales and incomes. Heifer.org has projects in America, Central & South America, Haiti, India, Nepal and Africa. Any amount can help: a flock of chicks is only $20; a heifer is $500; a goat, sheep or pig is $120; water buffalo is $250; sheep is $120; rabbits are $60; alpaca is $150; bees are $30 and so many more supplies and services. Go to heifer.org for more information or to provide additional support by purchasing one of their fair trade gift items.

Adult Sunday School Mission Project

Adult Sunday School is collecting personal toiletry items for Pat Nissel Street Ministry. We are working in conjunction with the Adult Sunday School . Toiletries for both men and women are needed but mostly for women as that is their largest client base. While all items are needed, in particular they need full size bottles/tubes of:

          • Body wash
          • Shampoo
          • Toothpaste
          • Deodorant

Cash donations can be given to Peggy Gundy and item donations can be placed in the basket on the chapel altar.

Missions Questions: CONTACT SHARON STAUB 717.216.1040 or neidigumc@gmail.com with any questions.

Mission Central Computer Ministries

On January 20th, Mission Central held a special collection of electronics/computers. However, they accept for recycling and refurbishment computers, accessories, cables, wires, old cell phones and other old electronics (excluding televisions) year round. To have any of these items claimed for MIssion Central contact Sharon at neidigworks@gmail.com and she will make arrangements with you to collect.

Just thought you might like to know: Conference Events

(information from the conference newsletter)


Area Community Events

Please email the pastor or webmaster at neidigumc@gmail.com to add your event to our community notice board




Check out our new District Website at harrisburgdistrict.org All District events are listed on our calendar and can be found on the website. Submit your events to the office at harrisburg@susumc.org for the