How much do your training sessions cost?

We work with your budget! We understand that not all organizations have equal access to the same financial means and therefore we offer a sliding scale to help meet the demand of any organization to support their lifelong adult learning needs for contemporary cultural training.

What are the start and end times for trainings?

Depending on the needs of your organization any of ITCs trainings can be condensed down to a 30-min session for settings such as conference presentations or run for a full 8-hour work day with a one hour break for lunch with two 15-min breaks during the day to meet most federal/union work hour standards. Just let us know what your needs are and we can scaffold our trainings to accommodate them accordingly.

Do you offer on-site training sessions?

Absolutely! Your organization will need to supply the training location and have the necessary equipment to conduct the training (i.e. high-speed internet connectivity, projection screen, speakers, etc.). Depending on the location of the training and any travel that might be involved we may be able to supply this as well.

How many people can participate in a training session?

Our training sessions can accommodate between 6 to 26 participants for any given session. Any more than that and our trainings change from individually focused interactive sessions to more lecture based experiences.