Indigenous Training Collaborative

Training Experiences for Meaningful Intercultural Adult Learning

We offer contemporary cultural competency training to support lifelong adult learners in diverse professional and educational settings

The Indigenous Training Collaborative provides culturally diverse trainings where our mission is to deliver meaningful adult learning experiences focused on the complex, professional and personal issues of our learners. Our training courses motivate participants to explore cultural concepts as they reflect upon their own cultural backgrounds to best understand how culture impacts each of us. Our work primarily focuses on cultural and multinational relationships here in the United States, however we recognize that cultural phenomena takes on many forms across the world in a variety of ways. Our unique educational team allows us to offer personalized lifelong adult learning education that best fits the needs of your organization to develop the personal growth and learning of all individuals and their contextual communities. The term cultural competency has been widely used across several fields including healthcare, academia, government and admist various social service agencies. The term has been used interchangeably with; diversity education, cultural sensitivity training and multi-cultural workshops. Cultural competency is generally described as a group of behaviors, knowledge, attitudes and policies that allow successful work in cross-cultural settings.