Working Effectively in Indigenous Communities

Government to Government

It's important to recognize the government-to-government connections and networks that exist between organizations and the formal relationships with the Nations, Tribes, Pueblo and Indigenous governments prior to pursuing a professional relationship. Additionally, it is central to appreciate the undercurrents involved in communication protocols and preferences related to the elements of working together in Indigenous communities. When it comes to working with tribal governments, tribal communities and with tribal members it’s essential to know how these understandings are interwoven into the responsibilities of the parties involved. To help address these complexities our Working Effectively in Indigenous Communities training strives to scaffold a collaborative foundation for government-to-government relations through supportive understanding that non-tribal training participants may have limited experience working with tribal governments or programs and is intended to reveal how prevalent tribal issues may be in the community as related to your organization. After establishing a balanced understanding of these topics historically surrounding native peoples, we provide participants with sound academic, professional experience and best practices for their future engagement with tribal members in their respective Indigenous communities.