About Us

The Indigenous Training Collaborative was launched in 2016 with the mission of providing contemporarily tailored cultural based trainings, designed to address the rapidly changing cultural landscape of the United States largely not seen since the 1960s. This mission to provide meaningful instruction suited explicitly for lifelong adult learners is strongly characterized by the needs, complexities and professional/personal issues motivated by the learners themselves rather than the artificial standards typically put forth by canned training programs. Our training courses galvanize participants to best understand various cultural concepts explored throughout academia’s Social Sciences, as they reflect upon their own cultural backgrounds to best understand how culture impacts our beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors. By understanding how a person’s own self-concept develops, research continues to show that participants are better prepared to deal with culturally sensitive matters which arise from working in unfamiliar cultural settings or concerns which may have developed internally amidst an ever-changing workforce.

While our work primarily examines cultural and multinational relationships here in the United States, we understand that cultural phenomena takes on many forms as experienced by adults worldwide in school, business, government, military, healthcare and other organizations. These ethnographical environments afford the Indigenous Training Collaborative the ability to offer personalized lifelong adult learning education to best fit the needs of your organization, and offer the same lifelong cultural concepts to additionally develop the personal growth and learning of all individuals and their contextual communities.