As the year goes on and we tackle the challenges that come with remote learning (and teaching), I will be adding new pages to the math section of the Online Classroom that have videos based on the topics we are learning in class. Be sure to check back when we start a new unit in math to see the videos.

Math Facts


Students hear it from me all the time...

"You need to know your math facts like you know your name."

Knowing basic addition and subtraction math facts are the building blocks for all math concepts. It is crucial that students become fluent in their math facts.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, our class does a One Minute Math exercise. Students are given 60 seconds in which to answer 20 addition or subtraction problems. After checking their work, students graph their daily results.

Tuesdays, however, are Timed Test Tuesdays. These more-formal assessments have students answering 100 math facts in five minutes. If students score 95 or more in two trials, or if they score 90 or more in three trials, they move on to the next level of math facts. The progression of facts are as follows:

Addition, 0-9

Subtraction, 0-9

Addition, 0-18

Subtraction, 0-18

Addition & Subtraction Mixed, 0-18*

Addition 0-18 (3 minutes)

Subtraction 0-18 (3 minutes)

If students complete all of the levels above, they will try their hands at multiplication and division!

Although we will spend time with math fact practice daily in class, it is very important that students are practicing at home, too. Flashcards work well, but another, more personalized option is by having your child log in to his/her XtraMath account. Please make sure your child is practicing his/her math facts on a weekly basis so that more complex math concepts will be easier to understand.

*Completion goal by end of year

Math Notebook


Our class will be making an interactive math notebook to go along with our learning. Due to our remote-learning situation, making the notebook will take a bit more focus from students as I demonstrate procedures for making each page via Google Meet. The math notebook will involve cutting and gluing foldable pages that I will provide (along with extra copies) to help students practice and remember math concepts on their own. The notebook will also have a table of contents at the front so that students can easily find what they're looking for.

The math notebook will only be as helpful as the kids make it. Students will learn that if they see me write something in my notebook, they need to write it in theirs.