"What's tonight's homework?"

With our learning situation being what it is during the pandemic, I have decided to try something different this year with homework. The only nightly homework in my class this year will be the following:

  • 20 minutes of reading

  • math fact practice

  • any incomplete work that was due at the end of the school day

"What should I do with my extra time?"

In the past, I have always given a small assignment alongside our school's nightly 20 minutes of reading in order to reinforce the work that we do in class. Now, without this extra assignment, I ask that you spend your evenings as a family doing things that are proven to correlate with student success.

  • Have dinner together at the table (no screens of any kind)

  • Play a board game together

  • Play outside together

  • Talk about what's going on in school

  • Read and discuss books together

Without additional homework taking up time during the evening, students should be getting to bed at a reasonable hour so they have enough sleep and are ready for learning the next day. Thanks!