Mr. Wachsberger's Online Classroom

Things look a little different around here, right? Read the updated introduction below to see why.


Welcome to Mr. Wachsberger's Online Classroom! Things look a little different than they used to now that we are learning from home.

I have removed all parts of the Online Classroom that are not necessary with how distance learning will be working during this time. The website will go back to what it once was when we return to school and things go back to normal (whenever that is).

You'll notice as you click around the website that there are some yellow banners and sections with important updates in them. Please be sure to read those, as they are updates that have to do with our distance learning situation.

Most updates will now be happening via Google Classroom and ClassDojo from here on out, but I would still strongly recommend checking back here weekly.



Since next week is the time for returning Chromebooks to BEW, this will be the final update on the class website for the school year.

Boys and girls, I know this year did not end how anybody expected, but the time we did spend together was wonderful. Thank you for such a terrific year! I hope you'll take a moment to go to Google Classroom and watch my goodbye video to you.

Be sure to stop back at our website every so often and write on the wall (there's a new one today), even in the summer. I promise I'll write back.

Have a nice summer, everyone! I hope we'll safely get to see each other again next year. Take care.