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Dick Durbin (D)

Tammy Duckworth (D)

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Sean Casten (D) IL-6

Raja Krishnamoorthi (D) IL-8

Lauren Underwood (D) IL-14

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Democratic Party Contact information

Illinois 6th Congressional District State Central Committeeman Patrick Watson

Illinois 6th Congressional District State Central Committeewoman Nancy Shepherdson

From Sixth District Democratic Committeeperson Patrick Watson:

I want to take the time to reintroduce myself. My name is Patrick Watson and I represent the Illinois 6th Congressional District to the Democratic Party of Illinois as the elected State Central Committeeperson. In each congressional district of Illinois there is a State Central Committeeman and Committeewoman elected to represent the district to the Democratic Party of Illinois. Our role is to take the lead to strengthen the Illinois Democratic Party by building a strong local community of voters and volunteers, by helping local party organizations strengthen their programs, by recruiting candidates to run for office, by helping candidates to get elected, and by spreading the word about higher office elected Democratic officials’ initiatives. We also vote for state party officials and help to set the Democratic Party platform in Illinois.
I initially got involved with the Illinois Democratic Party when I saw the country moving in the wrong direction and a state senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, was running for president. I volunteered to help on his campaign and was then hired to work for his reelection campaign as a staff member. From that time I have worked to elect a number of officials at the local, state and federal level as a consultant, senior advisor, campaign manager, field director and political director. I have also worked with a number of issue based organizations to push for comprehensive immigration reform, gun safety laws, workers rights, women's reproductive health, to ensure everyone has access to healthcare, and a number of other issues.
I ran for State Central Committeeperson after organizing grassroots groups in the Illinois 6th Congressional District to unseat Republican Representative Roskam. I wanted to bring a number of the modern techniques I utilized on political and issues based campaigns to help strengthen and grow the democratic party at the local level. When I ran I committed to being active, present, and engaged. I stand by that commitment and look forward to continuing to be a resource to all Democrats and Progressives across the district and in neighboring districts.
If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to email me at anytime,
Patrick WatsonIL06 Democratic State Central CommitteepersonSixth Dems Co-Chair