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the Green New Deal

The Green New Deal just took an enormous step forward: Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey just introduced resolutions to support a Green New Deal in the House and the Senate. Make no mistake: this is happening thanks to the massive movement of people like you who have been relentlessly calling for the real climate leadership we need. It’s working. Now, the momentum is on our side. Can you keep it up by calling on your Representative and Senators to support these bold resolutions for a Green New Deal?

Call your Representatives to support a Green New Deal

Tweet at your Representatives to support a Green New Deal

Ocasio-Cortez and Markey’s resolutions now face a major uphill battle. These first few days and weeks are the most critical time to build support, so we need all hands on deck.

We need to demand all our elected leaders support this major step forward for climate justice and embrace Ocasio-Cortez and Markey’s resolutions for a Green New Deal. Can you take action today?

Call your Representatives to support a Green New Deal

Tweet at your Representatives to support a Green New Deal

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The purpose of IndivisibleNWIL is to RESIST the Trump Agenda. The resistance will be evidenced through active participation in various educational and issue-related activities and trainings, facilitated through the groups which make up the organizational structure of IndivisibleNWIL: Diversity, Education, Immigration, Environment, Healthcare/Political Action, and Communication/Media/Public Relations.

Here’s what’s next for Indivisible:

  1. Going on offense in the House. Now that Democrats have the majority in the House, we’ve got something we haven’t had in a long time: POWER. We have the power to choose which bills get votes, and we’re categorizing them into two buckets: “messaging” bills and “must-pass” bills. In addition, House Democrats now have the POWER to hold the Trump administration accountable through oversight and investigations (subpoena power, investigatory power, congressional-hearings power and more!).
  2. Making gains in states to save democracy. Right now, there’s a huge opportunity for us to resist Trump and fight for our progressive vision at the state level. Our efforts will begin early in 2019 when state legislatures are sworn in.
  3. Continuing defense in the Senate. Republicans still control the Senate, and they’ll keep pushing Trump’s agenda. House Democrats will play a critical role in defending against further harm.


A few guidelines for the use of social media…

As our goals state, “In order to work together to achieve this goal (Trump resistance), we must model the values of inclusion, respect, and fairness.”

While it’s tempting to focus on the character flaws of our opponents (and we certainly can question ethics issues), let’s keep our focus on issues and actions.

Please refrain from using any hateful speech or profanity.

Don’t just spread information. Be careful and skeptical. We certainly don’t want anyone to use our website to discredit our movement. If we post anything that is unsubstantiated, then we run that risk.

Don’t engage in argument on either Twitter or Facebook with anyone over our site. If you’d like to argue, which you are entitled to do, please use private chats, so that you won’t be speaking for the entirety of our group.

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