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The purpose of IndivisibleNWIL is to RESIST the Trump Agenda. The resistance will be evidenced through active participation in various educational and issue-related activities and trainings, facilitated through the groups which make up the organizational structure of IndivisibleNWIL: Diversity, Education, Immigration, Environment, Healthcare/Political Action, and Communication/Media/Public Relations.

Grassroots organizations in key states that are not only working to block restrictive voting bills, but to educate voters about their rights and turn them out to vote.


  • Pennsylvania Stands Up

  • Down Home North Carolina

  • Action St. Louis Power Project

  • West Virginia Citizen Action Group

  • Arizona Coalition for Change / Our Voice Our Vote Arizona

  • Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

  • Living United Change for Arizona (LUCHA)

  • PODER / PODER in Action

  • Georgia Stand Up

  • Detroit Action

  • One Arizona

  • We the People

  • PLAN Action

  • Florida Rising

  • CASA in Action

  • Mijente

  • Seeding Sovereignty

  • ProGeorgia State Table

  • Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda

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Your weekly to-dos

  1. Call your representative and ask them to pass the strongest possible COVID-19 relief bill to send to the Senate. While we wait for the Senate parliamentarian’s report, it’s crucial that Democrats remain firm on their priorities for a COVID-19 package that meets the moment. They should know we expect them to pass the bill without making any preemptive concessions.

  2. Take action for democracy reform with the For the People Project. Now that we have a Democratic trifecta, we have to move quickly to unrig our democracy so all of our other priorities can be within reach. To start, that means pushing our MoCs to pass the For the People Act (H.R. 1/ S. 1), make D.C. the 51st state (H.R. 51/ S. 51), and eliminate the filibuster. Our For the People Project page is your one-stop shop to learn more about our plans and find ways to take action.

  3. Call your representative to ask them to pass the U.S. Citizenship Act. Immigration reform is one of our core priorities and, while this bill needs some improvements, it’s a step in the right direction. Namely, it provides a path to citizenship for most, but not all, undocumented immigrants living in the United States as of this year. Let your representative know they should immediately advance this bill -- and work to make positive changes -- so immigrants can know by spring that they are welcomed to citizenship.

  4. Check out this directory with details about how to help communities in Texas. This guide provides information about different ways to provide support to the people of Texas. It’s a long list of organizations all over the state that are working tirelessly to get people the help they need. If you are able, consider making a donation to any one of these organizations today.

  5. Sign up for our March Indivisible National Activist Call. After a busy few weeks, be sure to join group leaders, group members, and other Indivisible activists on our March National Activist Call. On the call, we’ll cover legislative updates and a few ways to get involved in our current and upcoming fights.

"It is incomprehensible to me, the fear that can affect men in political offices. It is shocking the way they submit to forces they know are wrong and fail to stand up for what they believe. Can their jobs be so important to them, their prestige, their power, their privileges so important that they will cooperate in the degradation of our society just to hang on to those jobs?"

Shirley Chisholm

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A few guidelines for the use of social media…

As our goals state, “In order to work together to achieve this goal (Trump resistance), we must model the values of inclusion, respect, and fairness.”

While it’s tempting to focus on the character flaws of our opponents (and we certainly can question ethics issues), let’s keep our focus on issues and actions.

Please refrain from using any hateful speech or profanity.

Don’t just spread information. Be careful and skeptical. We certainly don’t want anyone to use our website to discredit our movement. If we post anything that is unsubstantiated, then we run that risk.

Don’t engage in argument on either Twitter or Facebook with anyone over our site. If you’d like to argue, which you are entitled to do, please use private chats, so that you won’t be speaking for the entirety of our group.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus's People's Agenda

demands that our government deliver bold and equitable relief, and real opportunity, for all people within the first six months of 2021.

The Agenda:

Provide COVID relief that meets the scale of the crisis and addresses the disproportionate focus on harm to Black, Indigenous, people of color and other vulnerable communities.

Put people back to work, give workers more power, and transform to a clean, renewable energy economy.

Ensure health care for everyone by taking important steps to expand healthcare and making equitable investments in public health infrastructure as we work towards Medicare for All.

Defend and expand voting rights, strengthen democracy, and end corruption to return the vote and voice back to the people.

Dismantle racism, white supremacy, and inequality in all institutions to create justice, ensure equality and opportunity for all and end the racial wealth gap.

End endless wars and invest in diplomacy and peace. It’s time to end massive increases and significantly reduce Pentagon budgets that fuel wars and sap communities of vital investments in education, housing and more.

End corporate greed and corporate monopolies to end poverty and stop poor and working people from getting poorer while huge corporations and the wealthiest get wealthier.

25 essential books for activists

...and more books!

NYTimes: "The Book That Should Change How Progressives Talk About Race"

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