Our Journey



In Volume 3 I spoke of Freemasonry being a Lifetime of Opportunity. Opportunity is only important if you avail yourself of it. So how do we go about availing ourselves of the opportunities of Freemasonry?

It boils down to commitment! Each of us, every day, in every action we take, must commit. We must commit using the tools given to and used by us to make every decision as moral and pure as we can. The Square, Compasses, Trowel and other working tools augment the obligations we took upon our Holy Writs. These are our guides. We only need to reflect upon them during our verbal and written communications. I know that when you are up to your waist in alligators, it's hard to remember you went into the water to drain the swamp. (I cleaned that up a bit) I personally surround myself with Masonic symbolism, not to show you I am a Mason but to remind me, I am a Mason and act accordingly.

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By: R. W. Michael Tucker, District Deputy Emeritus


Tonight I would like to explore how Our Journey could attract others. It is not as obvious as a moth to a flame. It's a bit more subtle.

Freemasonry is steeped in tradition. New Jersey Freemasonry boasts of having changed its ritual only a bit over the last 230 years. I have a copy of a booklet entitled Jachin and Boaz that contains ritual from 1730. You can easily pick out the Middle Chamber Lecture. It's that close.

Can you imagine how many total hours have been spent memorizing all the ritual of our Craft. It never ends. It is a constant in our lives, at least for some of us. The moment I get into a car by myself, start the engine, put the car in drive, Pavlovian Law kicks in and it starts; openings, closings, degrees, lectures, funeral service, qualifications, installations and the list goes on.

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By: R. W. Michael Tucker, District Deputy Emeritus

Our journey continues! From Volume 1.0 entitled "The Journey", many of you have contacted me, opened and shared your hearts, stories and truths. You have chosen to join me on my journey. So now, by request, "The Journey" has become "Our Journey". You and I are not alone, we have accepted and acknowledged we are on "Our Journey". Welcome aboard!

Each of us has a goal. Known or unknown, there is still a goal. Attainable or not, we still have a goal. Our reach should always be just short of that goal. We each must set a path, a direction and follow it. Stagnation is an option we should never succumb to.

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by RW Michael Tucker

Rather than focusing on bringing in new Brothers into the Craft. I'd rather find out why you and I are here. Of course the assumption is that if you are reading or hearing this, then you are still an active Mason.

You could have been at home tonight, sitting in your easy chair, watching a game, playing with the kids or even having quiet time with your partner. Instead, here you are, sitting here in Lodge, listening to me asking you questions. I just hope I ask a question you haven't considered. Then we are making progress.

First, I have to tell you, I'm on a journey. A journey that has no beginning, no end and no destination. If we are right about there being a hereafter, then the journey will last an eternity. If we are wrong, then it ends with death. So what is this journey and how does Masonry play into it? How do you play into it?

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