Ignaz Joseph Pleyel

b. 18 June 1757 - d. 14 November 1831: He was an Austrian-born French composer and piano builder of the Classical period.

Pleyel was prolific, composing 41 symphonies, 70 string quartets and several string quintets and operas. Many of these works date from the Strasbourg period; Pleyel's production tailed off after he had become a businessman.

Recent scholarship has suggested that the theme for the Variations on a Theme by Haydn, by Johannes Brahms, Op. 56a, was probably composed not by Haydn but by Ignaz Pleyel.

"Father of the Symphony" and "Father of the String Quartet"

Students of Joseph Haydn:

Marianna Auenbrugger (Salieri), Ludwig van Beethoven, George Bridgetower (performed with Beethoven), John Wall Callcott, Thomas Haigh, Peter Hänsel (4-movement quartet, H, M), Antonín Kraft, Jean-Baptist Krumpholz, Franciszek Lessel, Marianna Martines, Sigismund von Neukomm (Brazil), Franz Nikolaus, Novotny, Ignaz Pleyel, Rebecca Schroeter, Antonín Vranicky (M).