Friends of Mount Field

The Friends of Mount Field

More Details on our various activities appear under the menu items at the top of the page. Area Sites provides details of our work within different areas of the park and Projects provides reports and other details on the various projects mostly relating to grant funds, plus our annual reports .

Below is the blog pages link where reports on each event along with photos are posted.

Various Websites and pages of the FOMF

Area History - Details on the locations where we work

Projects & Reports Pages - Information and reports on projects that we have been or are involved with. Often these pages relate to grants provided to the FOMF

Site Specific Pages where a website has been created to hold a variety of information.

Windy Moor

Wombat Moor Signs

Whilst work is suspended there is an occasional newsletter.

The latest is at this link.

Photo Comparison of Sites

On the Tarn Shelf and the Mount Field East tracks photopoints have been recorded to enable a comparison of the areas following work that has been carried out to repair the damage caused by the high usage. These can be viewed at this webpage .

In October 2018 the some of the Tarn Shelf ones have been surveyed and comparison photos taken.

The blog site detailing the work done by the friends in a chronological order. Click here to visit the site