October 1, 2017

Dear Friends,

Hannah Arendt, the German born-philosopher and political analyst, spoke once on French National Television about a lesson she learned as a child that changed her life. She said that while attending a Jewish grammar school, she approached the Rabbi and told him she didn’t believe in God anymore. The Rabbi turned to her and said, “Who asked you? Do the work!” Hannah said she was shocked into realizing that what was important to the Rabbi and essential for her own life was not what she thought she believed or didn’t believe, but the work she did, how well she accomplished it and how compassionately she used it for the benefit of others.

We have a similar spirit here at Morning Star Zendo. We never ask each other what we believe or don’t believe. We ask rather how we can support each other in the humane work of inter-religious practice.

There is no charge for anything at Morning Star. All our expenses, taxes, maintenance, daily breakfast and Saturday brunch, travel to satellite centers in Equador, Mexico, England, Wales, Ireland, North and South, and in America to Texas and Louisiana – all depend on the generous response of our friends to our annual fund raising appeal.

Please help us keep alive and well our dream of Morning Star.


Robert Kennedy, S.J., Roshi

Please send your tax deductible checks to Morning Star Zendo at the address in the letterhead, or if you prefer, open the email attachment and click one of the secure Paypal buttons. Again, many thanks for your generosity.