Liberation from all Obstructions

Liberation from all Obstructions

In the presence of Sangha, in the light of Dharma, in oneness with Buddha

– may my path to complete enlightenment benefit everyone!

In this passing moment karma ripens and all things come to be.

I vow to affirm what is:

If there’s cost, I choose to pay. If there’s need, I choose to give.

If there’s pain, I choose to feel. If there’s sorrow, I choose to grieve.

When burning, I choose heat. When calm, I choose peace.

When starving, I choose hunger. When happy, I choose joy.

Whom I encounter, I choose to meet. What I shoulder, I choose to bear.

When it’s my birth, I choose to live. When it’s my death, I choose to die.

Where this takes me, I choose to go. Being with what is, I respond to what is.

This life is as real as a dream; the one who knows it cannot be found;

and truth is not a thing, therefore I vow to choose THIS Dharma entrance gate!

May all Buddhas and Wise Ones help me live this vow.