Dharma Talks

December 2020-December 2021

Roshi Kennedy

July 31, 2021


Roshi Kennedy discusses how the Zen teaching that death is an illusion presents only one side of the picture. He comments on Case 90 of the Blue Cliff Record and points out the we can say nothing about what comes prior to the action of wisdom. Emptiness cannot be separated from a deep appreciation of the particular, the phenomenal world. He draws on the poetry of David Hinton and Billy Collins to bring this to life for us.


Retreat Sunday Morning Teisho

June 6, 2021

Interdependance, Compassionate Action

Roshi Kennedy

This presentation of Blue Cliff Record Case 57 points toward seeing that you yourself are all that you see, hear, and touch. To experience oneness, or enlightenment, we are encouraged to sit without any expectation, sit with sangha, and engage in compassionate action. The final judgement will bring great joy when we finally see each other as we really are.

June 6_2021 Roshi Dharma Talk_edited.mp3

Retreat Saturday Morning Teisho

May 1, 2021

The Radical Hope of Endless Possibilities & No Self

Roshi Cuca Kosen Montecel PhD

“...the radical hope that the world can be transformed is “self-less”, lacking a self and lacking no-thing. Radical hope goes beyond a plan or a strategy, and beyond our delusions about small separate selves. Rather, radical hope is tied to limitless possibilities and total uncertainty. Radical hope does not end not-knowing nor does it stop bearing witness. Rather, radical hope propels us beyond not knowing and bearing witness into skillful action.”

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Retreat Saturday Morning Teisho

December 5, 2020

Sangha: Moving from monologue to dialogue

Roshi Kennedy

The middle way between self-indulgence and self-battering is discussed in light of the current religious movement from monologue to dialogue, withdrawal to integration, renunciation to appreciation, and self-help to sangha. The emphasis is not on stepping back from life, but rather on moving forward toward everything that is true, good, noble, virtuous, and worthy of love, honor and praise.

Dec 5_2020 Roshi Dharma Talk_edited.mp3