Montgomery UNICEF

Who are we?

Montgomery UNICEF is a club with an average of 100 members every year. It is one of Montgomery's biggest clubs due to its ample service oppurtunities to help our community and world become a better place. Every year, we fundraise for humanitarian aid efforts through UNICEF to a select nation in need. Annually, we raise an average of $500-$3000 to donate. One of the main ways we raise money is through our annual Color Run at Van Horne Park. Besides fundraising, we also provide numerous community service oppurtunities to our members and help them engage in our community. We distribute service hours at the end of each year to our members.

Our Country of Focus 2020-2021

We will be fundraising for Haiti in the 2020-2021 school year. The people of Haiti have been displaced due to the recent natural disasters. In Haiti, 140,000 households still need shelter, there are high levels of poverty, a lack of access to food/water/education, and political instability.


The club will be conducting virtual meetings through zoom due to the pandemic. We will be holding service oppurtunities within our community that can happen while following COVID-19 protocols. Our utmost priority is to keep our members safe while we help our community in any way we can. Please join our email list in order to be kept up-to-date on all events related to UNICEF.


Contact for all inquiries and to join UNICEF

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